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Kranto Bracelet

Item Database • Kranto Bracelet

Common Info

KR Name크란토 브레이슬릿
Item Level0

Crafted By

Kranto Bracelet Recipe

Required For


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Jan 20th 2017 07:06:00
get this while playing around with pendulum in cranto coast
Jan 9th 2017 13:03:05
It actually has 68 mdef. Just got one from the DG 190 cerberus cube.
Jul 23rd 2016 05:22:17
Where can i drop this?
Aug 7th 2016 01:03:49
@Nyuha cranto coast, pendulum gimmick, drop on my first success attempt to open the hidden treasure (have a chance to drop silvers too), done 8-10 attempt before it but failed due the time limit (5 minutes) and disturbed by the tanky mobs there.

FYI: i do as fast as i can, use trot lvl4 to search for it, but it's still not enough time (10s cool-down time when using the pendulum minus the time you kill mobs if you want them to not to disturb you when using the pendulum)
Aug 20th 2016 15:51:02
@punkdawa ty!!
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