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Bracer of Archer

Item Database • Bracer of Archer

Common Info

KR Name브레이서 오브 아처
Item Level0

Crafted By

Bracer of Archer Recipe

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Jun 4th 2016 04:41:18
I was in this map for 5 minutes just to get 100% map and got this recipe from 10 Imp Archer kills .. why I only get rare stuff I don't need ? omg
May 8th 2016 11:47:25
I can confirm, dropped after 4h of grinding. Started to doubt but it goes to show to just keep grinding it will drop eventually. Now the Pearl Bracers :p
Apr 18th 2016 00:51:31
Got a drop of this by Terra Imp Archer :-)
Apr 18th 2016 00:52:10
The recipe: Bracer of Archer Recipe dropped by Terra Imp Archer!! *
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