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Battle Bracelet

Item Database • Battle Bracelet

Common Info

KR Name배틀 브레이슬릿
Item Level0

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 0.3%
Drop Chance: 0.3%

Required For


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Apr 18th 2017 15:20:18
Galok#1002 - 0 BB
Apr 19th 2017 06:12:16
@lee.jaeger Finally got it at 1039th
Feb 1st 2017 10:47:38
Kill Galok 257 - 1 BB
Выбивала хрономансером... Убивала и затем воскрешала моба. Выбился именно из реинкарнированного )
Jan 20th 2017 06:47:32
day 728: the thirth BB appear in my front, i'm a lucky bastard i guess, some people said this is hard...
Jan 18th 2017 20:52:11
76th droped BB
Dec 29th 2016 00:43:19
Got the battle bracelet from Galok at 180th kill. Good luck farming!!
Jan 8th 2017 08:17:23
Finally!!! After farming straight for 9 hours, got the 2nd battle bracelet from Galok at 706th kill. Good luck farming guys!!
Dec 8th 2016 12:31:22

Kill 2362 galok
Nodachi - 39
Galok Leather - 474
Battle bracelet - 10
Card exp - 4
Oct 29th 2016 21:29:57
got one from the halloween event cube =)
Oct 21st 2016 09:17:44
Galok counter : 84
1 day hunt and get 8 galok leather , 6 nodachi and 2 battle bracelet
(I did dpe to all of the galoks i met .. when it's cd someone kill it :'v)
Oct 6th 2016 00:26:09
it's been two weeks (2 hours a day) and still no BB. 260 Galoks and:
14 Galok leather
1 nodachi
1 hammer of dismantlement

i'm still trying, despite the bots and the channel restrictions from IMC... really thanks -.-
Oct 7th 2016 00:25:49
galoks counter: 352
even dropped 1 golden anvil, still no BB
Oct 11th 2016 17:24:40
542 Galoks so far and got only 1 more nodachi -.-
Oct 14th 2016 14:25:36
722 galoks and finally got my BB. renamed my galdiator band "I Hate Everything"
gl to everyone
Oct 16th 2016 09:31:24
what's really funny is a bot gets the BB. Just happened just now. Infront of my face as I went to shoot the galok -_-
Sep 26th 2016 10:15:38
I'm already trying to 4 days, playing 12h a day
Sep 28th 2016 10:19:12
yesterday I did not play... relying on today, 5 days trying
Sep 29th 2016 12:24:55
well..., 6 days tryng and nothing
Sep 30th 2016 16:31:42
7 days and nothing, for me it's over, I'm at my limit, this is impossible, one week and nothing, I will not be playing a game with a fucking DPK system, when the IMC Games stop with this shit DPK and put a fuck % system like a normal game, I'll be back
Sep 17th 2016 17:01:09
already hate it, got 3 nodachi and still no bracelet, 251 first 368 second 492 third, 3 full days
I hope at least on 600 get first one
Sep 26th 2016 12:02:36
Road to BB on Fedi, 1230 killed, 13 nodachi, 1 BB, 12 days
gl to everyone 0/
Aug 12th 2016 06:49:52
got first after 12 kill of farm, but I was killed 168 in up
Aug 7th 2016 00:58:13
Got it from #22 Galok... lucky bastard)
Aug 2nd 2016 13:44:20
got 2, first on #600is kills (took 2-3 days, i forgot), the second one after #650is kills, and the third one after #980is kills, you need more patient and swiftness than luck when farming this one because of the bloody bots!!!

it maybe looks like a smart ass, but ijust want to help by creating a picture of my route when farming it, and exact location for Galok to spawn, at least from my experience.

here: http://imgur.com/p5ommgc

KILL STEAL THE F-ING BOTS!!! hope this helps someone.
Jul 26th 2016 08:03:39
Tried hunting with my Cryo, didn't get for hours.

Grinding in dungeon with my Archer, got 1 after 4 kills. Am. So. Happy.
Jul 21st 2016 01:45:39
i didnt even know this item so expensive 1 i throw alway already == fuck
Jul 18th 2016 17:06:28
#133 for me
Jun 23rd 2016 08:06:20
drop #14 I am very lucky for this one
Jun 10th 2016 21:35:43
Yeah the amount of BOTs farming this area makes the Braclet so rare it's better to buy it off the bots than stay and farm it. It would take you weeks.

1 Galok every 1-2 minutes at this rate.
Jun 9th 2016 20:02:35
There are a LOT of bots camping this mobs -.- it's imposible to get one
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