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Silver Bracelet

Item Database • Silver Bracelet

Common Info

KR Name실버 브레이슬릿
Item Level0

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Dropped By

Drop Chance: 1.35%

Crafted By

Silver Bracelet Recipe

Comments (7)

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Nov 12th 2016 22:51:41
You can also get recipe from chests in the secret area of Topes Fortress 2F. The secret area thing can be done once a day.
Oct 22nd 2016 08:37:00
Рецепт 1шт. выбит из 298 шт. Ferret Loader
Oct 22nd 2016 08:57:58
305 шт. убито Ferret Loader и выбито 2 шт. Silver Bracelet Recipe //
305 kill Ferret Loader and 2 drop Silver Bracelet Recipe
Jun 29th 2016 04:59:41
Where does the Recipe drop. Need the Recipe for the Manahas collection last item to finish.
Jun 14th 2016 00:25:22
I got one from ferret loader, zahara map
Jun 5th 2016 21:17:08
got second "Recipe - Silver Bracelet" at kill ~190 from a Ferret Loader. Cant say for sure where i got the first one but the second was from the Ferret Loader(lv 99) in Zeraha (lv 96)
Apr 17th 2016 11:41:41
Recipe Ferret Loader ?%
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