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Agny Necklace

Item Database • Agny Necklace

Common Info

KR Name아그니 네클리스
Item Level0

Crafted By

Agny Necklace Recipe

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Apr 5th 2017 20:47:13
5 mithrile ore, 1 blood stone, 15 black drake heart

mithril from uphill

bloodstone. dunno just have many in my storage..

black drake heart for mage tower 5f
ez to get..
10 min get 5
Jan 12th 2017 15:33:28
The Recipe: 5 Mithril Ore, 1 Bloodstone, 5 Black Drake Heart.
Jan 28th 2017 18:12:49
@Ethersword Where i can take Recipe?
Jan 30th 2017 02:13:52
@Russki You find the recipe from the level 115 dungeon boss Flammidus.
Jan 2nd 2017 05:22:00
agny or max petamion for my sr?any suggestion?
Jan 14th 2017 09:00:50
@tosp There is no use to this necklace for characters that does not use fire magic, like pyromancer and plague doctor.
Dec 27th 2016 21:21:30
Adds fire when you upgrade it ....
Dec 27th 2016 21:08:55
Drop DG 115
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