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Virtov Plate Robe

Item Database • Virtov Plate Robe

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KR Name비르토브 플레이트 로브
Item Level0


Virtov Plate Set

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Virtov Plate Robe Recipe

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Jan 22nd 2017 09:05:00
5 days of farming with dungeon dailies :(

virtov plate robe recipe:
#8 royal guard armor greensaltisdaughter
#53 tough shell %?(cranto coast)
#5 Blue colimen flower 100khealth %?

Virtov Plate Pants Recipe:
#8 Royal Guard Pants- Recipe Yellow Colifly (Ruklys Hall of Fame)
#49 Tough shell-Greentoshell %?(cranto coast)
#52 Lepusbunny heir -lepusbunny7.5% Inner Enceinte District 40khp

Virtov Plate Boots
#8 Royal Guard Greaves-Recipe Red Cockat %? (Barha Forest)
#19 Deadborn Scap Mask-Deadborn Scap%? (Storage Quarter)
#117 yellow colifly flower-Yellow Colifly(Ruklys Hall of Fame)

Virtov Plate Gloves
#8 Royal Guard Gloves Recipe-Green Rafflesia (Barha Forest)
#17 deadborn scap mask-Deadborn Scap%?(Storage Quarter)
#24 orange minos hoof Orange Minos Archer 4%?(Ruklys Hall of Fame)
Sep 24th 2016 23:32:08
https://forum.treeofsavior.com/t/recipes-to-make-virtov-set/272213 - For all your virtov (plate, cloth and leather) crafting requirements.
Sep 4th 2016 14:54:42
the royal guard armor recipe drops from green saltis in extension about 1 drops per 100 mobs
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