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Forest Robe

Item Database • Forest Robe

Common Info

KR Name포레스트 로브
Item Level0

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 1.34%
Drop Chance: 1.34%


Name Items Bonus
Collection: Overlong Bridge Valley
Collection: Novaha Institute
HP +45

Comments (3)

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May 2nd 2016 22:32:50
Dropped in 32 attempts from Wendigo Magician.
Apr 11th 2016 17:04:33
also dropped by Dedborn Scap in Novaha Institute
Apr 23rd 2016 19:21:58
@Nigwol@Nigwol Thank you so much for this info. This database, as useful as it is and as much effort I'm sure was put into it, is lacking. Very often it won't tell you which enemy from a map will drop an item when it's a collection of that same map but gives you a bunch of other enemies that you aren't able to access at your current level.
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