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Leather Armor

Item Database • Leather Armor

Common Info

KR Name레더 아머
Item Level0

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 0.82%
Drop Chance: 1.32%
Drop Chance: 1.85%
Drop Chance: 0.82%


Name Items Bonus
Collection: Paupys Crossing
DEF +1

Comments (6)

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Jun 12th 2016 20:52:02
Red kepa #47
May 20th 2016 15:29:02
Red Kepa #124
May 11th 2016 12:54:38
Red Kepa kill #122
May 3rd 2016 05:23:19
Red Kepa@ 122 kill (number 2)
Popolion/Hanaming?@169/108? Can't truly confirm this one because I searched for the leather armor using the journal. It only showed 2 from Red Kepas but I had a third one in inventory from killing a popolion and hanaming at the same time.
Third from Red Kepa@170
Fourth @220 from Red Kepa
Possible 2% drop indicated from my small data pool
Still not sure about the possible popolion/hanaming drop.
May 3rd 2016 04:56:45
Obtained one from Red Kepa @102 kills
~1% drop rate from isolated incident
Apr 16th 2016 13:59:17
Red Kepa 14lvl Paupys Crossing
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