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Virtov Plate Pants

Item Database • Virtov Plate Pants

Common Info

KR Name비르토브 플레이트 팬츠
Item Level0


Virtov Plate Set

Crafted By

Virtov Plate Pants Recipe

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Jul 26th 2016 06:16:59
Is this craftable? I heard the robe can't be crafted since some items are not available.
Jul 29th 2016 23:10:26
@jnguyentran2 There are indeed some things that cant be crafted in this set. First thing that cant be crafted yet
is the plate boots, u cant do it cause royal guard greaves isnt in the game. Same thing goes to the virtov plate
gaunglets, u cant craft it cause the royal guard gauntlets isnt in the game yet then u can only craft the chest and
legs parts of the virtov set.
Jul 30th 2016 09:23:21
@Exori thanks for the info. Still ridiculous to me that the dev would include recipes that are impossible to craft.
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