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Royal Guard Gloves

Item Database • Royal Guard Gloves

Common Info

KR Name로얄 가드 건틀릿
Item Level0

Crafted By

Royal Guard Gloves Recipe

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Oct 9th 2016 06:07:07
Barha Forest / Green Rafflesia
Aug 7th 2016 15:17:09
Could anyone tell where it drop? Someone know but when i ask, they don't want to share
Aug 8th 2016 18:01:53
@bestdore i dont even know if this item is actually in the game yet, i think tthey still have to add it
Aug 11th 2016 06:05:29
@Exori ty, i have an information said that recipe is found at barhas forest where doesnt open yet in itos
Aug 18th 2016 03:38:28
@bestdore Brahas Forest
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