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Enchant Scroll

Item Database • Enchant Scroll

Common Info

KR Name마법 부여 스크롤
Enchant Scroll
Weight: 1
Adds a random option to a hair costume.
Up to 3 options can be added.
You cannot use this scroll on an equipped item.
Right-click to use.

Comments (6)

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Apr 17th 2016 03:10:20
Which BOSS this item drops?
Apr 25th 2016 08:14:39
U can Buy on the Premium Store.
May 16th 2016 10:42:09
@Guitti cant drop from any monster?
May 17th 2016 04:32:03
@Kiyoke Yes they can drop from boss, I think its the cube of lv170 dungeon boss but at very low chance
May 28th 2016 13:54:27

Get it from 115 dung box
May 31st 2016 14:36:10
Got it from Lv.200 dungeon and Lv.90 dungeon.
Guess it drops from all dugeon at low percent.
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