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Skill Reset Potion

Item Database • Skill Reset Potion

Common Info

KR Name스킬 초기화 포션
Skill Reset Potion
Weight: 1
A very useful potion for those who just cannot get their skill build right.
Use this to reset your current skill points.

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Jan 24th 2017 09:40:56
you keep the bonus skill points?
Jun 30th 2017 08:22:07
@GUNTER Are there any bonus skill points?
Jul 5th 2017 00:54:34
@Varaclaci I was pretty new when I wrote it. No need to be sarcastic dude
Jul 5th 2017 18:20:04
@GUNTER I was not sarcastic pal, I am also noob and it was a legit question
Jul 7th 2017 09:48:03
@Varaclaci oh lol, sorry. Hmm there's not bonus in skill points. Anyways, I think i was trying to say in that time about bonus of stat points (you get base stat points from levels and 38 additional stat points from Zemyna statues, story quests, and side quests). The answer is: yes you keep all your stats when you use 'stat reset potion', obviously no skill potion (stupid old me).
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