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Thresh Spear

Item Database • Thresh Spear

Common Info

KR Name트레시 스피어
Item Level0

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 0.02%


Name Items Bonus
Collection: Guards Graveyard
Crit Attack +1

Comments (5)

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Oct 1st 2017 13:41:34
i killed a Little bit lesser than 5000 Worms, get 2 orbs than the spear
Dec 2nd 2016 08:46:13
killed 7506 worms - dropped Thresh Spear
Jul 20th 2016 12:13:50
9981 maggots and still counting, lot of gems but not a single thresh spear
either rng god dislikes me or the data is wrong =.=!
Aug 15th 2016 05:53:46
Keep up the good work! Or did you get it perhaps? :D
Aug 18th 2016 22:37:23
over 10k kills now, still no luck
enough for now
maybe i'll be back later w/ lower lv toon
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