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Item Database • Beetleback

Common Info

KR Name비틀백
Item Level0

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Crafted By

Beetleback Recipe

Comments (7)

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Mar 17th 2017 20:39:11
Got two of them from the Evil Necroventer Cube.
First recipe from the 10th and the second one from the 11th cube.
Sep 17th 2016 17:52:41
recipe obtain randomly by opening blue cube from lv 90 raid boss you may also get zircon
dunkel wooden buckler buy from shop @ city
Apr 8th 2016 21:12:43
Thank you Supremuscatus for the information !
Apr 8th 2016 00:17:31
I dropped the recipe on the box of the boss of the level 90 dungeon
Apr 7th 2016 22:44:16
Where can we found this shield ? Or the recipe of this shield ?

Quest ? The name of the quest ?
Loot ? Name of the monster ?
Thank for your help
Aug 13th 2016 21:33:34

Level 90 dungeon in Zachariel Crossroads, boss drops recipe
Apr 7th 2016 22:42:53
Where can we found this shield ?
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