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Krausas Mace

Item Database • Krausas Mace

Common Info

KR Name크라우자스 메이스
Item Level0

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 0.3%


Name Items Bonus
Collection: Guards Graveyard
Crit Attack +1

Comments (7)

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Dec 24th 2016 10:40:52
Dropped at #348, it took almost an hour, the map is full of them so is kinda easy
Aug 4th 2016 09:04:44
#301 second
Aug 4th 2016 08:31:01
#79 yey
Jul 25th 2016 05:41:08
Dropped on #481
Jun 24th 2016 06:45:54
May 15th 2016 15:45:54
The weapon doesn't add extra damage to each 2nd hit as the effect.
In fact it just moves the damage bonus of Effegy from the 3rd hit to the 2nd.
So you will get the bonus damage every 2nd Effegy instead of every 3rd cast, and the damage will reset to the normal damage on the next hit ( normal hit > strong hit> normal hit> strong hit> and so on).
Jun 14th 2016 01:55:50
@Adeodatus Gracias!
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