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Twin Blade

Item Database • Twin Blade

Common Info

KR Name트윈 블레이드
Item Level0

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 10%

Crafted By

Twin Blade Recipe


Name Items Bonus
Collection: Cranto Coast
HP +45

Comments (2)

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Sep 28th 2016 21:58:54
Twin Blade Recipe: Greentoshell (~200 DPK)
Jun 3rd 2016 02:02:37
This recipe drops in Cranto coast. Oddly enough I checked the drops list from my monster's journal and it wasn't listed as having dropped from any of the mobs on it, however it dropped when the quest in the top right corner goes into video mode and you have to kill 27 mobs. Wasn't sure which mob dropped it because of that, but it was only the Blue Terra Imp and Greentoshell in that quest.
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