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Item Database • Venom

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KR Name베놈
Item Level0

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Venom Recipe

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May 6th 2016 11:01:25
Venom proc is only activated with dagger basic attacks?
Jul 13th 2016 11:19:51
Need answer to @kurikurito13 question too.

So if I do earth wave (cata) or stabbing (hop) do the poison effect (venom) occur?

Please, anyone?
Jul 27th 2016 15:33:18
@punkdawa any attack including skill proc the poison only applicable to normal monster. Boss monster like Cerberus or Dullahan does not affect
Jul 28th 2016 10:03:59
@FujiwaranoMokou thank you very much, so it is still worth it then :)
Aug 24th 2016 19:54:02
@punkdawa were you able to confirm? Many people are saying that it is as it says in discription: "..when attacking with dagger;" so basic attacks only. Please let me know, thanks.
Aug 24th 2016 19:55:09
@punkdawa does it work with Matk?*
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