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KR Name일리지아
Item Level0

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Crafted By

Illizia Recipe

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Nov 26th 2016 16:47:17
Is the recipe available now?
Jun 12th 2016 23:15:10
>Durability 2, wow.
Jun 18th 2016 21:21:42
@SawwormBrando I only saw it now, well the description says "and the owner's finances. Of course, most swordsmen ignore the latter effect." probably bc of it.
Jun 21st 2016 15:56:21
@Rem It'll be fine with Squire repair, even though it's good for bossing.
May 30th 2016 12:26:04
Hi, can someone please post details of where to farm the recipe and ingredients.

I can confirm that the Panto Spearhead drops in the south western part of Tenet Gardens from a rare spawn which has the respawn cycle of 600s/10mins with a low drop chance.
Jun 18th 2016 19:51:58

Spell Reservoir seems to be not implemented... I don't know :/

I've got all the materials to craft this one except the Recipe and the Spell Reservoirs.
May 9th 2016 13:29:34
Lol? I just got a Sauga Motor Drive while questing and I didn't know it makes this...
May 6th 2016 14:50:21
Apr 28th 2016 06:39:17
Can someone please explain?
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