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Collection: Zeraha

Collection Database • Collection: Zeraha
Name Items Bonus
Collection: Zeraha
SP Recovery +3

Obtained (Treasure Chest)

LV1 Treasure Chest (Zeraha)

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Aug 7th 2016 01:31:20
My first Silver Bracelet Recipe dropped for me at kill 172. Someone else stated that they had gotten one at kill 190. It seems to be a 0.005% chance.
Aug 7th 2016 01:57:29
2nd Recipe at Kill 292 for Ferret Loader
Jul 10th 2016 20:42:04
location: Unnamed location next to the statue. An elevator ride to the top.
Jun 7th 2016 05:43:50
The Silver Bracelet Recipe is dropped by Ferret loader, probably 1% chance.
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