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Collection: Aqueduct Bridge Area

Collection Database • Collection: Aqueduct Bridge Area
Name Items Bonus
Collection: Aqueduct Bridge Area
DEF +1

Obtained (Treasure Chest)

LV1 Treasure Chest (Aqueduct Bridge Area)

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Feb 22nd 2017 18:39:22
Nameless area southwest from Farm Waterway

Game Location:

Map Location:
Sep 18th 2016 08:24:36
Left of Ramus crossroads, go downstairs. Located at lower left corner
Jun 10th 2016 20:50:46
Located on the small area to the bottom left area of farm waterway. (not in farm waterway).

If you go to the path west from tenant's farm portal you will reach a fork. Take the bottom path (not the tenant farmer lodge path)
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