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Attribute Database

Attribute Database • Disenchant: Neutralize Gear

Circle 2
Class Max Level Skill Required Type
Plague Doctor 5 Disenchant Plague Doctor 2nd Circle Required Active
Description Effect
* When [Disenchant] is used upon an enemy, gear defense stats get nullified for 5 seconds per attribute level
* Increases SP consumption by 10%
SP +10

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Aug 26th 2016 23:03:52
Disenchant: Nullify Equipment (Max Lv: 5)
- Nullifies the effects of equipment of targets affected by Disenchant for 5 seconds per attribute level
- SP Cost + 20
Nov 7th 2016 22:33:08
@Nhale Does it works with PVE?
Nov 7th 2016 22:33:44
2)Does it reduces MDef?
3)Exact numbers are known?
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