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Attribute Database • Cloth Mastery: Magic

Circle 1
Class Max Level Skill Required Type
Swordsman All - Passive
Description Effect
* Can equip [Cloth] armor
* When 3 pieces of [Cloth] armor are equipped, magic damage taken is decreased by 5%
* When 4 or more [Cloth] armor pieces are equipped, magic damage taken is decreased by 10%

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Apr 27th 2016 15:00:57
Rough estimate of stat gain per attribute level

3 piece bonus: +10 SP per attribute Level
4 piece bonus: +0.5 Magic Defense per attribute Level

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/treeofsavior/comments/3qt5z1/cloth_leather_and_plate_masteries/
Jun 1st 2016 07:05:33

the mentioned 5% magic damage decrease, does the reduction also increase per attribute lvl or is just a flat 5% regardless of attribute level.
Jun 7th 2016 21:36:42
@blazegamma flat 5% for sure if not 5% X 50 OMG
Jun 8th 2016 04:54:00
It is a flat 5%, activated when 3 pieces of cloth are equipped. It is then increased to a flat 10% when you equip 4 cloth pieces. It will always be either 5% or 10% regardless of attribute level,
Hope that clarifies that for you~
Jun 26th 2016 00:59:08
@Pandu thanks~
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