[July 10th 2018] Updated to Rank 10, added Pied Piper and Exorcist!

Area of Ruins Dungeon

World Map • Area of Ruins Dungeon

Map Info

Type: Dungeon
Level: 120
Revive Orb Useable: Yes

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Dec 3rd 2017 04:37:44
Lizardman x24
Winged Frog x14
Cockatries x18
Tama x21
Lizardman Magician x7
Infro Burk x10
Zolem x16
Temple Slave Assasin x13
Grave Golem x11
Vikaras Archer x10
Temple Slave Mage x12
Mauros x6
Vikaras x16
Madakia x9
Rusrat x10

Boss: Necroventer
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