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Dhrag Necklace

Item Database • Dhrag Necklace

Common Info

KR Name드라그 네클리스
Item Level0
Dhrag Necklace
Weight: 40
armorMagic Defense
- STR stat up15
- CON stat up15
- SPR stat up8
- Magic Defense stat up5
- Attack Range stat up10
- Fire Property Resistance stat up10
- Holy Property Resistance stat up10
- Dark Property Resistance stat up5
Made as a set with the bracelets, it is similarily difficult to guess when they were first crafted. However, you can see traces of some letters written on the back.
Required Level: 270
Required Class: All
11 / 11
40 / 40

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Jun 12th 2017 01:10:08
Obtained Via Secret Library reward cube
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