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Acolyte Boots

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Common Info

KR Name어콜라이트 부츠
Item Level0
Acolyte Boots
Boots [Cloth]
Weight: 40
armorPhysical Defense
armorMagic Defense
- SP stat up57
This is the by-product of the period when the wizards and the priests haven't been good together in the history. Because of Maven, that trouble disappeared from the history, but the craft manual is being still used usefully in many areas.
Required Level: 40
Required Class: All
Maximum Sockets: 2
5 / 5
46 / 46

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 1.34%
Drop Chance: 1.34%

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May 2nd 2016 19:41:24
Also dropped by Blok Magician in Nevelet Quarrt 2F
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