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Rogue Bow

Item Database • Rogue Bow

Common Info

KR Name로그 보우
Item Level0
Rogue Bow
Bow [Missile: Bow]
Weight: 230
armorPhysical Attack
457 ~ 686
Unlike its name, this bow will be welcomed by any archer. Rogues aren't the only ones who prefer this bow.
Required Level: 170
Required Class: Archer
Maximum Sockets: 2
8 / 8
41 / 41

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 10%

Crafted By

Rogue Bow Recipe

Comments (2)

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Jul 4th 2016 16:39:24
dropped from brown rambear archer
Aug 28th 2016 18:58:35
@cray thanks for info!
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