[Apr 25th 2018] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!

littlesamson's Public Builds

Created: Apr 27th 2018Last Update: May 5th 2018Views: 3,089Likes: 1Comments: 2
WizardWizardCryomancerPsychokinoSorcererSorcererRune CasterShadowmancerShadowmancer
Created: Nov 23rd 2017Last Update: Dec 15th 2017Views: 4,242Likes: 3Comments: 8
WizardCryomancerWizardCryomancerSorcererSorcererPsychokinoRune Caster
Created: Jun 6th 2017Last Update: Oct 12th 2017Views: 10,906Likes: 5Comments: 34
Created: May 18th 2017Last Update: Jun 26th 2017Views: 13,696Likes: 6Comments: 20
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