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Shadow Pool

Skill Database • Shadow Pool
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Circle 1
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
Shadow PoolDark1080s280
ClassTypeReq Stance
ShadowmancerMagic BuffNone
Drift into the shadows and hide within the ground. Enemies cannot attack you while in this state.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Self, Fan NO YES NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 11Duration: 4 seconds80s280
2Duration: 5 seconds80s315
3Duration: 6 seconds80s350
4Duration: 7 seconds80s385
5Duration: 8 seconds80s420
C 26Duration: 9 seconds80s455
7Duration: 10 seconds80s490
8Duration: 11 seconds80s525
9Duration: 12 seconds80s560
10Duration: 13 seconds80s595

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