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Shadow Thorn

Skill Database • Shadow Thorn
skill icon
Circle 1
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
Shadow ThornDark1015s184
ClassTypeReq Stance
ShadowmancerMagic AttackNone
[Magic] - [Dark]
Sharp thorns rise from within the shadow of an enemy, dealing damage.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Actor, Fan YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 11Attack: 2078%15s184
2Attack: 2192%15s209
3Attack: 2306%15s234
4Attack: 2420%15s259
5Attack: 2535%15s284
C 26Attack: 2649%15s309
7Attack: 2763%15s334
8Attack: 2878%15s359
9Attack: 2992%15s384
10Attack: 3106%15s409

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