[Apr 25th 2018] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!


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Circle 2
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
ClassTypeReq Stance
TemplarMelee BuffNone
전방의 적을 공격하는 포지를 건설합니다..
포지는 은신한 적을 탐지합니다.
포지는 '포지' 아이템을 사용해서 설치할 수 있습니다.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Front, Square YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 21Forge Duration: 100 seconds180s80
2Forge Duration: 120 seconds180s95
3Forge Duration: 140 seconds180s110
4Forge Duration: 160 seconds180s125
5Forge Duration: 180 seconds180s140

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