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Skill Database • Flanconnade
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Circle 1
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
ClassTypeReq Stance
FencerMelee Attack RapierAndShield RapierAndDagger RapierAndArtefact RapierAndPistol
[Physical] - [Slash] [{img tooltip_speedofatk}Attack Speed]
Perform a complex upward attack with your rapier. This attack protects you against an enemy attack.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Front, Square YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 11Attack: 201% x 210s36
2Attack: 212% x 210s44
3Attack: 223% x 210s52
4Attack: 234% x 210s61
5Attack: 245% x 210s69
C 26Attack: 256% x 210s78
7Attack: 267% x 210s86
8Attack: 278% x 210s94
9Attack: 289% x 210s103
10Attack: 300% x 210s111
C 311Attack: 312% x 210s120
12Attack: 323% x 210s128
13Attack: 334% x 210s136
14Attack: 345% x 210s145
15Attack: 356% x 210s153

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