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Training Camp Owl (3)

Quest Database • Training Camp Owl (3)


Map: Grynas Training Camp
Level: 249 (Required Level: 239)


Required Quests


The Hasty Owl Sculpture says the Lonely Owl Sculpture on the Bkoen Path could have seen something. Ask the Lonely Owl Sculpture about the girl.
Objective: Talk to the Lonely Owl Sculpture


Lonely Owl Sculpture is hidden behind the tree. Go down to Grubus Highway and find the Owl Sculpture.
Objective: Find Owl Sculpture in Grubus Highway


Unfortunately, Owl Sculpture in the Grubus Highway has gone into slumber a long time ago. First, go back to Dievdirbys Asel and report him all the things you found out so far.
Objective: Talk to Dievdirbys Asel

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