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The Watcher's Potential (2)

Quest Database • The Watcher's Potential (2)


Start NPC: Follower Rikke
Map: Tenet Garden
Level: 35 (Required Level: 25)


Required Quests


Watcher Rikke of Tenet Garden is waiting for someone's help.
Objective: Talk to Watcher Rikke


Follower Rikke gave you a stronger charm as a sign of apology. Burn the Panto Totem in Valyma Sanctum and try again. This time you must control the Pantos in order to defeat the Large Panto Spearman.
Objective: Control the Pantos and defeat the Large Panto Spearmen


As Follower Rikke said, after setting fire to the Panto Totem, the Pantos started taking orders. They helped defeat the Big Panto Spearman and the Old Talisman seems like it could be of use. Tell this to Rikke.
Objective: Talk to Watcher Rikke

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