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Cat and Mouse

Quest Database • Cat and Mouse


Start NPC: Follower Algis
Map: Tenet Church 2F
Level: 48 (Required Level: 38)


Required Quests


Gesti destroyed the Sventove Central Altar and has stolen the Seal of Space. You can't get the revelation at this rate and you'll be killed if you run into Gesti. Work with Follower Algis on finding a way to solve the situation.
Objective: Talk to Follower Algis


Follower Algis suggested using the pieces of the Altar that Gesti destroyed to immobilize her. Collect the altar pieces and place them on the eight pillars of Sventove Central Hall.
Objective: Make a trap at Sventove Central Hall


Inserted the altar pieces on the eight pillars. Return to Follower Algis.
Objective: Talk to Follower Algis

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