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Troop Left Alone

Quest Database • Troop Left Alone


Map: Saknis Plains
Level: 114 (Required Level: 104)


Collect Bloodstained Report Page from the monsters nearby (0 / 8)

Required Quests


Senior Officer Philipas is telling you that he direly needs the report of his scouts, but the scouts are not coming back. Look for the scouts who left for Razygis Hills.
Objective: Look for Squad Commander Johan


Squad Commander Johan told you that all his colleagues are dead and he is the only one that managed to survive. Defeat the monsters nearby and look for the report.
Objective: Look for the report from the monsters nearby


You found the reports that are not readable since they are soaked with blood. Hand them over to Squad Commander Johan
Objective: Give them to Squad Commander Johan

Reward (Get All)


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