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Legend of the Winter Season (2)

Quest Database • Legend of the Winter Season (2)


Map: Miners' Village
Level: 45 (Required Level: 35)


Required Quests


The Cryomancer Master told you that there's a valuable book which he is looking for and he wants you to bring that book. Meet the Siauliai Miners' Village Mayor to ask him about the whereabout of the book.
Objective: Ask the Miners' Village Mayor about the whereabouts of the book


The Siauliai Miners' Village Mayor said that the demons returned to the Crystal Mine after ransacking the Miner's Village. Check the area around the storage facility in Miner's Village 2F.
Objective: Crystal Mine 2F Book Investigation


Found the book. Take it to the Cryomancer Master.
Objective: Give the book to the Cryomancer Master

Reward (Get All)


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