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Convincing Lord Ryudhas(3)

Quest Database • Convincing Lord Ryudhas(3)


Start NPC: Lord Ryudhas
Map: Pystis Forest
Level: 319 (Required Level: 309)


Dig up Small Jeweled Chest from beneath the marked tree (0 / 1)

Required Quests


Lord Ryudhas seems to have one final task to ask of you. Listen to what he has to request and get him to agree to have a conversation.
Objective: Talk to Lord Ryudhas


Ryudhas wishes to retrieve a Toy Box from his youth. He said that it was beneath a marked tree, but you must remove the moss from the trees in order to find the marked tree. Gather Red Colimen fluid from the surrounding area in order to get rid of the moss and find the marked tree.
Objective: Dig up the Toy Box from beneath the marked tree


You have found the Toy Box that Lord Ryudhas was looking for. Give it to him and make him agree to having a conversation.
Objective: Talk to Lord Ryudhas

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