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A Long-Term Plan

Quest Database • A Long-Term Plan


Start NPC: Alchemist Sophia
Map: Khamadon Forest
Level: 282 (Required Level: 272)


Collect Blue Beetow Wings from Blue Beetows (0 / 11)
Collect the fallen Dry Bracken Leaves (0 / 7)

Required Quests

icon Use the Sure Method (Level 282)


This time, the result is satisfactory. Ask Sophia if she has further plans.
Objective: Talk with Alchemist Sophia


Sophia says she needs make chemicals similar to that of centauri powder. In order to produce them, dried out bracken leaves and wings of blue beetow are needed. Get the requested by gathering bracken leaves and defeating blue beetows on Loba Fields.
Objective: Collect wings of blue beetows and dried out brackens


Acquired all requested materials. Deliver them to Sophia.
Objective: Talk with Alchemist Sophia

Reward (Get All)


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