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Strong Survivor [Peltasta Advancement]

Quest Database • Strong Survivor [Peltasta Advancement]


Map: Orsha
Level: 45 (Required Level: 35)


Required Quests


Talk with Peltasta Submaster at Orsha
Objective: Talk with Peltasta Submaster


The Peltasta Submaster wants to test your shield-using abilities. Go to the Dadan Jungle by passing Paupys Crossing, Koru Jungle and Knidos Jungle. Equip a shield and hunt monsters once you get there. Defeating demons will earn you extra points. Alas, this is a task you will have to complete on your own.
Objective: Defeat monsters it the Dadan Jungle with a shield equipped


You have cleared out enough monsters. Return to the Peltasta Submaster.
Objective: Report to Peltasta Submaster

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