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The History that Will Not Be Recorded (8)

Quest Database • The History that Will Not Be Recorded (8)


Start NPC: Neringa
Map: Valandis Room 3
Level: 344 (Required Level: 334)


Defeat %s (0 / 1)

Required Quests


Neringa is waiting for you in Valandis Room 3.
Objective: Talk to Neringa


Neringa has instructed you to make it look as if demons have destroyed the Ballanorth Collapsing Device. After activating the device, defeat Demon Lord Lucy near the device. After defeating Demon Lord Lucy, the magic explosion will overload the collapsing device and destroy it.
Objective: Defeat Demon Lord Lucy


As planned, Demon Lord Lucy has been defeated, and the Ballanorth Collapsing Device has been destroyed due to overload. Report to Neringa.
Objective: Talk to Neringa

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