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Into the Hands (5)

Quest Database • Into the Hands (5)


Start NPC: Priest Irma
Map: Ashaq Underground Prison 2F
Level: 21 (Required Level: 11)


Required Quests

icon Into the Grip (4) (Level 21)


Priest Irma believes it's best to find a way to safely destroy the cursed idol, as the orb is not yet completed. Keep talking to Priest Irma.
Objective: Talk with Priest Irma


For the cursed idol to be safely destroyed, its energy needs to clash with the orb's power. First, defeat demons around the idol in the Examination Room and have it absorb their power.
Objective: Absorb demon magic into the Cursed Idol


The cursed idol has fully absorbed the demons' power. Use the Orb of Return to destroy the idol!
Objective: Destroy the Cursed Idol with the Orb of Return

Reward (Get All)


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