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Large-Scale Search Operation (1)

Quest Database • Large-Scale Search Operation (1)


Start NPC: Chaser Talbasi
Map: Paupys Crossing
Level: 13 (Required Level: 3)


Collect Priest Gelija's Memo (0 / 4)

Required Quests


Chaser Ulysses is worried about the demons and thinks it's best for you to go and help Priest Pranas instead. Go to Paupys Crossing and talk to Chaser Talbasi, who is there investigating with Priest Pranas.
Objective: Talk with Chaser Talbasi


Chaser Talbasi believes they can figure out what is going on once all of Priest Gelija's notes are collected. Defeat monsters at the Uninhabited Crossing and try to collect all of Priest Gelija's memos.
Objective: Collect the memos of Priest Gelija


You have collected Priest Gelija's notes as much as possible. Return to Chaser Talbasi.
Objective: Deliver to Chaser Talbasi

Reward (Get All)


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