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Into a Dogfight

Quest Database • Into a Dogfight


Start NPC: Tired Monk
Map: Tekel Shelter
Level: 348 (Required Level: 338)


Required Quests


The monk seems to be in a hurry. Talk to him.
Objective: Talk to the Monk


The monk told you that Arch Mage Agailla Flurry divided Hauberk into three parts and sealed them inside Narvas Temple. However, after Medzio Diena, the seal was cracked and some essence of Hauberk has leaked out. Nearby demons have noticed this, and have been attacking the temple to fully awaken Hauberk. The monk wants you to stop this in his stead. Some demons will be fighting amongst themselves along the way, so the monk has given you instructions on how to go through them. Read the instruction to avoid the demons and reach Narvas Temple.
Objective: Go to Narvas Temple

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