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Remembering the Victims (1)

Quest Database • Remembering the Victims (1)


Start NPC: Rona
Map: Knidos Jungle
Level: 45 (Required Level: 35)


Required Quests

icon An Exhausted Body (2) (Level 45)
icon Keepsake (Level 45)
icon The Experiment (3) (Level 49)
icon A Monk's Last Mission (2) (Level 49)


Rona still seems taken aback by the events at the Novaha Monastery. Talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Rona


Rona wants to erect a tombstone in the Novaha Monastery as a memorial to the victims of the demons' experiments. Unfortunately, she can't go there because of the monsters. Go to the Novaha Monastery and set up the memorial for her.
Objective: Set a Tombstone at the Novaha Assembly Hall

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