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The Enemy's Smell

Quest Database • The Enemy's Smell


Start NPC: Watcher Erra
Map: Tenet Garden
Level: 100 (Required Level: 90)


Obtain Moa Lump by defeating Moas, the predators of the Pantos (0 / 1)

Required Quests


Watcher Erra seems to be worried about the Pantos. Talk to Watcher Erra.
Objective: Talk to Watcher Erra


Watcher Erra is trying to prevent Pantos from straying out of Gele Plateau by using the scent of Moas, the predators of the Pantos. Collect Moa Lumps near Piene Fields.
Objective: Collect Moa Lumps


Acquired enough Moa Lumps. Hand them over to Watcher Erra.
Objective: Hand them over to Watcher Erra

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