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Trivial Honor (2)

Quest Database • Trivial Honor (2)


Start NPC: Soldier Weiz
Map: Sunset Flag Forest
Level: 123 (Required Level: 113)


Required Quests

icon Trivial Honor (1) (Level 123)


Soldier Weiz feels like hunting Gaigalas quickly. Talk to Weiz again.
Objective: Talk to Soldier Weiz


Weiz says Gaigalas will appear when it smells the Ducky Fat burning. Light fire to burn the Ducky Fat in an airy area in Lengvas Garden.
Objective: Light fire in the marked area


You burned the Ducky Fat and Gaigalas appeared. Quickly return to Weiz and let him know that Gaigalas appeared.
Objective: Report to Soldier Weiz

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