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The compact under joint signatures

Quest Database • The compact under joint signatures


Start NPC: Leader Horacius
Map: Tenants' Farm
Level: 9999 (Required Level: 9989)


Required Quests

icon Weapons Supply (4) (Level 93)
icon Temporary Solution (Level 93)
icon Food Reserve (3) (Level 93)


It seems that Horacius has something to discuss with you. Meet him.
Objective: Discuss with Horacius


The day Horacius planned for is nearing. The last thing to do is to receive consent from the farmers of Tenants' Farm. Get their signature on Horacius' hand written letter and joint signature seal. You should receive eight signatures.
Objective: Distribute the joint signature seal


Acquired their signatures on the joint signature seal! Now pass it to Horacius.
Objective: Hand over the joint signature seal

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