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Weapons Supply (4)

Quest Database • Weapons Supply (4)


Start NPC: Leader Horacius
Map: Tenants' Farm
Level: 93 (Required Level: 83)


Required Quests

icon Weapons Supply (3) (Level 93)


It seems that Horacius has the last request. Talk to Horacius again.
Objective: Talk to Horacius


Horacius told you that he needs many farming tools that will be used as weapons. He can't move since he is changing the tools that he accumulated so far so ask the nearby farmers if you could get some farming tools.{nl}{nl}Horacius told you that since there aren't many weapons, we should fight even with the farming tools. Ask the farmers nearby if you could obtain some farming tools from them.
Objective: Borrow some farming tools from the farmers


Acquired the farming tools from the farmers after persuading them. Now, take them to Horacius.
Objective: Hand them over to Horacius

Reward (Get All)


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