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Controlling Magic Test [Thaumaturge Advancement]

Quest Database • Controlling Magic Test [Thaumaturge Advancement]


Map: Orsha
Level: 185 (Required Level: 175)


Required Quests


Talk to the Thaumaturge Submaster in Orsha.
Objective: Talk to the Thaumaturge Submaster


The Thaumaturge Submaster told you that he has made preparations to test at Laukyme Swamp. Go pass the test of moving the magic condensing sphere into the magic circle. If the sphere is too far or if it gets near magic decomposing pillar, you should start all over again.
Objective: Do the test of Thaumaturge


You have passed the Thaumaturge Submaster's test! Return to the Thaumaturge Submaster.
Objective: Report to the Thaumaturge Submaster

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