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Complete the Mission of a Linker [Linker Advancement]

Quest Database • Complete the Mission of a Linker [Linker Advancement]


Map: Miners' Village
Level: 9999 (Required Level: 9989)


Werewolf extermination (0 / 1)

Required Quests


Meet the Linker Master in Siauliai Miners' Village
Objective: Meet the Linker Master


The Linker Master wants a Linker apprentice to defeat the Werewolf and show the Psychokino Master who's the boss. Defeat the Werewolf at the Siauliai Miners' Village.
Objective: Defeat Werewolf in Siauliai Miners' Village


Defeated the Werewolf. Return and report to the Linker Master.
Objective: Report to the Linker Master

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